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The Ultimate Toolbox
According to RS Components - and surely every tradesperson out there - Big Wipes are a big part of the Ultimate Toolbox.
Big Wipes Star of the Wickes Advert....
... at least for a second!
We don't only get hearts racing...
VF supporter Andy and VF Racing girls Laura and Lucy promoting Big Wipes at the new Wolds Engineering Services showroom in Scarborough.
Tesa UK love Big Wipes
Someone adorned the Tesa UK stand at Totally DIY Show!
Big Fella
Thanks to Nicholas Knowles, who commented: This big fella needs a ton of big wipes (the truck not me!!).

Never BOARD with Big Wipes
Nearly every day the Cardiff South branch of Travis Perkins finds new uses for Big Wipes 
Big Wipes Christmas Tree
Brilliant Christmas Tree by Travis Perkins, Cardiff South!
Sizzlin' & smokin'
Bob is cooking with gas (and Big Wipes)
Beauty and The Big Wipes
Burly Tradesmen aren't our only fans, you know.
Heady Heights
Climbing up the ladder of success...
Thumbs Up for Big Wipes
Izabela says:"I find more uses for Big Wipes all the time as they are so easy and always there".
We are the Champions
Trophy husbands??
Help for Heroes
Help for Heroes - Support for our Wounded
Painting & Decorating Tools
Izabela, Painter & Decorator: "I use Big Wipes for wiping my hands,  tools or excess paint off the brush, cleaning up paint splashes and helping with application of silicone sealant."
Gone dogging?
Our David is UNLEASHED upon the Dulux Dog
Upwardly mobile
Where mobile repair vans go, Big Wipes go
Never tyre of Big Wipes
Spotted in our local tyre & exhaust repair shop
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Too
Our Sue took one for the ladies!
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Our Jack decided to take up the #ALSIceBucketChallenge as well.  He doesn't look cold at all!  #drownedrat.
Van Essentials
Better than a nodding dog.
Candid Camera
Don't think you can pick up a tub of Big Wipes when the camera is around and not get snapped!
TBS Merchants
We liked this so much, we had to post it. Thanks to @tbsmerchants on Twitter.
Tour de France with Big Wipes
The yellow jersey was inspired by a Big Wipes tub (we think).
Big Wipes Paparazzi
Another innocent Big Wipes user got papped
Another Ecstatic Customer
This lovely gentleman is showing off his most favourite purchases of the day.
Falmouth Boat Hire
We couldn't be without Big Wipes, they are the real deal for cleaning boats!
Brewers, Surbiton
Another happy customer at Brewers, Surbiton.
Raleigh Bikes UK
Sunday night mechanic'ing after awful conditions on the road this weekend @uniortools @bigwipes
Carmarthen Decorators
What a difference a @BigWipes makes... #filthynomore
REM UK Salons
You can't build a show stand without #BigWipes. Thanks @jamesbeechey
REM UK Salons
Yes, it's true, Big Wipes are indeed the best wipes in the world." We get through enough at the REM factory.
Kevin Watson
Yes @decorum @BigWipes Agree love em too
Wayne De Wet
Big Wipes.... Love em!!
Squirrel Self Storage
David Benning from Squirrel Self Storage appreciating that Big Wipes heavy duty industrial hand cleaning wipes come in a reusable bucket of 240.
Hamilton Team
Spotted the Hamilton team at the Screwfix Live show using Big Wipes to remove paint from their hands, tools and surfaces after demonstrating their range of brushes.
Screwfix Live
Look what we saw at the @Henkel stand at @Screwfix Live. Big Wipes are perfect for removing that excess silicone.
One Vine Decorators
@BigWipes clear up what mess!! But it wasn't me :)))
One Vine Decorators
Carl giving the thumbs up to Big Wipes sachets
Carmarthen Decorators
Hey @BigWipes - found these on @danielslocks van... #locksmith #carpenter #bigwipes_user #carmarthen
One Vine Decorators
After first fill, 1 dusty room, mop, Hoover, broom and @BigWipes get their turn.
Wayne De Wet
September 'How to' blog - painting kitchen doors by @decorum28
Barney & May Decor
The bridge vs scott in the van..... Bridge won hands down. Sacrificed a dust sheet and loads of @BigWipes #doh
Carmarthen Decorators
Found something better than @BigWipes ... Yeah! BigWipes with 20% extra free! #greatproduct #recommend
Dave The Decorator
This gentleman has excellent taste in products.
Can Dec
@BigWipes an essential part of of the vans tool kits just need to get a holder to screw in to the van now
Big Wipes win Golden Shed Award
Big Wipes win the Best Cleaning Product category!
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