Industrial wipes are quite simply our total focus...

Industrial wipes are quite simply our total focus.  Our starting point is always the busy tradesperson and the daily muck they have to contend with.  We also work with international coatings and sealant manufacturers - if we can clean up their Technical Development Teams, we know we’ve got things right.

Our formulations make the best use of the latest developments in solvent technology.  We work closely with some of the most innovative ‘non woven’ fabric mills to identify the best fabrics, in addition to always looking to create the most convenient dispensers. 

Our quality control has resulted in total customer satisfaction – we know we have many delighted customers who rely on us to consistently deliver great performing products that comply with the latest safety standards and, wherever possible, respect the environment with biodegradable formulas and a choice of biodegradable fabrics.

Over the last few years the research and development team has been looking at radically pushing the Big Wipes liquid formula forward in performance, safety and environmental impact.  The final result is Big Wipes 4 x 4 Power Formula.

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