Big Wipes are Better

Everybody’s selling wipes, so what’s so special about Big Wipes?

It’s all we do – so we make damn sure we always deliver the best wipes we can.


Wow!!! Performance is the key to success?

We don’t accept ‘very satisfied’ we want our customers to be ‘wowed’. This applies to our core industrial product claims of ‘Cleans paint, adhesive, oil & more from hands, tools and surfaces’.



Clever chemistry – the ‘doctors of grime’

Did you know that wipes intended for industrial skin cleansing still have to comply to the same standards as a cosmetic product? On top of complying with the latest cosmetic standard, Big Wipes insist on an independent dermatology test to ensure minimal chance of irritation in use.



Thought Through packaging

Tubs need to be just the right size – portable but big enough to be economical. Foil seals keep the product fresh way beyond its 3 year stated shelf life. Clip down lids keep it fresh in use. Anti Entrapment features in the lid ensure your fingers don’t feel the pinch & pre tailed wipes make getting started a breeze.



Cosmetic grade production facilities & quality control

Big Wipes are produced to cosmetic grade standards in a very tightly controlled environment to ensure a safe, consistent, reliable product. Constant monitoring ensures everything stops automatically if outside acceptable tolerance. Our factory operates to ISO 9001 & specifically to ISO 22716:2007 Good manufacturing practices for production, control, storage & shipment of cosmetic products.



Environmental focus & recycling

From production through to disposal we are acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities. Our factory operates to ISO 14001 Environmental management system. All liquid formulas used in our wipes are biodegradable & for customers who demand it our Multi Purpose Bio wipes contain biodegradable fabric as well.



Great customer feedback

We really do have a customer complaints Dept. with more cobwebs than anything – what we are not short of is great customer feedback.

ReesDevelepment- ‘I would go as far to say your product is revolutionary!’
Rim brickwork- ‘Yep, I have a tub in every site kit we hand out to the guys. Just as important as the first aid kit on our sites – thanks.’

So try them for yourself…. Lets hope you’re wowed too!


Big Wipes aren’t only the best wipe out there, they help you save money as well, saving your business more than they cost