Big Wipes are Faster

With Big Wipes it’s not a question of will the dirt come off, it’s just a question of how quickly. Take a look for yourself:

These are simply the best hand cleaning wipes on the market! Incorporating the latest high adhesion web technology, the innovative Fabric from Big Wipes grips 40% more grime with every wipe, so you can mop up even the toughest dirt in the quickest time.

Saves Time

  • No mess, no fuss, quick & effective
  • Fast and effective even on polyurethanes.
  • Big Wipes Power Spray helps save time cleaning up hard to clean stuck on stubborn dirt. Simply Spray, let sit and wipe off!
  • Saves time on cleanups – concrete cutting, grease, tarmac, dust, paint, resins, oil, plaster, grouting, you name it, Big Wipes remove with one single wipe.
  • Staying clean on the job prevents the need for touch ups caused by dirty hands or spills, enabling you to finish up your job faster and better.


  • When water or washing facilities are not accessible, then the range of portable Big Wipes industrial pre-moistened hand cleaning wipes are the ideal solution for removing a vast variety of hazardous and non-hazardous substances from the skin.
  • Big Wipes do not require water and are portable anywhere (van, tool bag, field work etc.).
  • Use on the move
  • Range includes The Cage – a fully adjustable wall & Van bracket to ensure you have a Big Wipe close at hand any time. Save time searching for your Big Wipes by firmly fixing them to your van, wall, tool kit etc.

No other cleaning wipes available to the US professional trade can remove as many substances so quickly and effectively.