By switching to safer cleaning products, you can eliminate the harmful effects of toxic cleaners on your health and reduce environmental pollution.



The liquid in our power spray and all our industrial cleaning wipes is more than 99% biodegradable.

In addition, our Multi-Surface cleaning wipes provide a sustainable alternative to non-biodegradable products. Containing biodegradable fabric as well as the liquid, which can be composted to reduce the amount of waste generated, making them our most environmentally responsible product.



Volatile organic compounds ((VOCs) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids and can have short- and long-term health effects, especially when released indoors.  They also contribute to the creation of ozone in the lower atmosphere and are seen to play a role in global warming.  Our range of industrial cleaning products emits low levels of VOCs, creating a safer and healthier working environment, in addition to considerably reduced air pollution.



We offer hazard free products which are safe to use and do not include any synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives or coloring.



High levels of phosphate in domestic and municipal wastewater results in the excess of algal growth which can have a devastating impact on our aquatic environment. Phosphate free products like our industrial cleaning wipes are the environmentally friendly solution as they do not affect the freshwater oxygen supply necessary for healthy river, lake and ocean ecosystems.



Our industrial cleaning wipes are manufactured with special concern to preserving the environment. Plant-based ingredients are made with annually renewable crops, which are harvested and put straight into the manufacturing process without prior petrochemical processing.



Not using substances such as bleach and dye promotes a low pollution manufacturing process, which is kinder to the environment and safer for working personnel. Our industrial hand cleaning wipes contain no chlorine and thus do not produce cancer-causing compounds.



Recycling reduces the amount of garbage sent to landfill and the resultant pollution; prevents the waste of potentially useful materials, conserves our valuable natural resources, saves energy usage and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.  Sycamore uses recycled material wherever possible and ensures all plastic materials are recyclable or reusable.



Wipes have received some negative press recently, which is why we urge all our customers to dispose of Big Wipes in a responsible manner, similar to other building materials waste, and NEVER flush them down the toilet.

SPEC sheets

  • Big Wipes Heavy Duty Pro+
  • Big Wipes Multi Surface Pro+
  • Big Wipes Multi-Purpose Pro+
  • Big Wipes Power Spray
  • Big Wipes Cleaner & Degreaser
  • Big Wipes The CAGE