What people say about Big Wipes...


Yep i have a tub in every site kit we hand out to the guys. Just as important as the first aid kit on our sites thanks

I would go as far to say your product is revolutionary!!

I was doing some glossing last night so used my new Big Wipes for the first time and I 'm a fan!!
Daniel, Travis Perkins

Smelly mop floor, @BigWipes @bigwipes lemony fresh to the rescue!
James Beechey ‏@jamesbeechey Jan 7

We've said it before but its worth repeating, we think these wipes from @BigWipes are great!
Reeds Wantage, Twitter, Jan 14

@BigWipes wipes are really good,was sceptical when i first got them but great for your hands ,better than spirits and cloths
ThePaintingSpec, Twitter, Jan 14

Your 4x4 Power Spray is a top product indeed. We have thoroughly tested it and found it to be pretty good at everything - can we buy it in 5l drums?
Brian, Parkcrest Properties

@Nick_Pauley @BigWipes I have a tub of those for when working on the bike. Ace product (via Twitter)
Ieuan Compton, Construction based Marketeer

I work a lot with CT1 sealant, which bonds metal, wood and glass among other things. Big Wipes manages to get all the spillages off my hands and tools. They are brilliant!!
Neville Davis, Randell & Janes Roofing

I use Big Wipes to remove glass fibre resin from my hands and surfaces all the time. It works a treat!
Graham, Foxcroft Roofing and Building

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