What people say about Big Wipes...


"Used big wipes today while doing some signs - worked great for removing old grease, grime and residue."
Sean Wilkinson, Dulux Select Decorator

"You've been helping me keep my hands clean for a while now. Also great for cleaning up spillages. #clean"
Sussex Boilers, Heating Installation

"You can't build a show stand without BigWipes. Yes, it's true, Big Wipes are indeed the best wipes in the world." We get through enough at the REM factory."
REM UK Salons

"By the way big wipes clean stove glass brilliantly and they are perfect for removing that excess silicone."
Richard Scott, Painter & Decorator

"I am covered in muck. I could do with some Big Wipes in my van for these days. Big Wipes are perfect for removing that excess silicone."
Karl Bennet, K Bennet P&H Ltd, Plumber

"I got some Big Wipes at ELEX Exhibition in Manchester. They got some oil from my drill off a white carpet the other day. I am now a customer for life!!"
Andy Hidden, Electrician

"Used your Heavy-Duty today to clean 2 part filler off my filling knives - nothing else is as effective."
Charles Budd, Builder

"Using quality products makes my job easier... Your products tick all the boxes. BIG WIPES are definitely my favourite wipes and simply the best."
Wayne de Wet, Painter & Decorator


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