Sycamore Group is proud to announce that our BIG WIPES 4×4 WIPES are now registered by NSF International, a leading global independent public health and safety organization.

NSF International’s Nonfood Compounds Registration program verifies the safety of products to be used in food and beverage processing facilities.


We take pride in our constant search for improvement both in performance and in safety. We are not content with simply Meeting the regulations. At Sycamore USA Inc. we go much further. We strive to be the safest wipe on the market and are always looking to improve and evolve keeping our customers health and safety at the top of our minds. The Sycamore Group invests in continual advice, review and verification from professional bodies to ensure our products are always on the rise. Receiving the NSF registration is another milestone for the Big Wipes. Our users trust us to always be ahead of the game and we are happy to be able to supply results.

Big Wipes is proud to continue bringing improvements to our products, putting our customers’ safety first.

Sycamore Group has received nonfood compounds registration for the BIG WIPES 4×4 products from global public health organization NSF International and is now listed in the NSF White Book™. Products registered in the NSF White Book™ undergo a thorough toxicological review, potential testing and a comprehensive label review to ensure that they meet the requirements for the category code that is appropriate for the products’ end use.


“By registering its product to NSF International’s Nonfood Compounds Program Sycamore Group has proven its commitment to public health and safety,” said Sarah Krol, NSF International’s Global Managing Director – Food Safety Product Certification “NSF International’s registration verifies that the product meets the category requirements and is therefore acceptable to be used in food processing and food handling facilities.”


NSF uses various category codes by products intended use, Big Wipes 4×4 Wipes are approved for Category codes #: E4, C3, K1, K3 :

E4category: Hand Care Products; Intended Use: Hands lotions/cleaners – nonfood contact

C3category:: Nonprocessing Area Products; Intended Use: Paint removers

K1category: Solvent Cleaners; Intended Use: Nonprocessing area products

K3category: Solvent Cleaners; Intended Use: Adhesive/glue removers


To view our official NSF listing for this product, please search the NSF White Book™. www.nsfwhitebook.org


About NSF International: NSF International (nsf.org) is an independent, global organization that writes standards and protocols, and tests and certifies products for the food, water and consumer goods industries to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment. Founded in 1944, NSF is a Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization Collaborating Center on Food Safety, Water Quality and Indoor Environment.


NSF International’s nonfood compounds registration is an independent, third-party review that evaluates the safety of product formulations for use in food and beverage processing. Launched in 1999, NSF’s registration program is based on previous USDA requirements including U.S. FDA 21, 9 and 40 CFR. The program addresses the toxicology, odor potential and intended use classification for a wide variety of products captured within 90 category codes including lubricants, cleaners, water treatment products and many others.


For more information on the details and requirements of NSF International’s nonfood compounds registration program, please visit NSF International’s website www.nsf.org.