Enter the world of manufacturing and fabrication, where precision meets raw materials to create wonders of innovation. Yet, amidst the creativity and craftsmanship, the industry’s hands-on nature often results in a messy endeavor. In this segment of our series highlighting professionals’ triumphs over messes, we delve into the manufacturing and fabrication sector, featuring James West Welding and the revolutionary convenience of the Big Wipes Cage. Join us as we uncover how Big Wipes and The Cage collaborate to transform the landscape of cleanliness in the industry.

Video Showcase: The Cage – A Revolution in Dispensing Convenience

Meet James West Welding, an industry expert who knows the importance of efficient cleanup during messy jobs. Witness the innovation as he showcases The Cage, a one-of-a-kind dispenser for Big Wipes that ensures quick and single-handed access while working on tools and surfaces. With The Cage, the game has changed for messiest jobs. 

Big Wipes: A Manufacturing and Fabrication Lifesaver

  • The Messy Reality: Manufacturing and fabrication are synonymous with messiness. Working with metal and wood often leads to exposure to a variety of substances, from metal dust and filings to oil, grease, and grime. This untamed environment necessitates a reliable cleaning solution.
  • The Big Wipes Solution: Big Wipes have emerged as a transformative force in the industry. With their fast-cleaning, fast-drying, and lint-free properties, they prove indispensable for cleaning CNC machines and restoring their glory. These wipes excel in keeping hands, tools, and workspaces free from grime and dirt, ensuring a pristine environment.
  • Productivity and Health: Beyond cleanliness, Big Wipes contribute to overall productivity and health. The wipes’ gentle nature ensures hands are protected from harsh chemicals, ensuring skin health even in the most demanding of jobs.

The Cage: A Marvel of Convenience

  • A Single-Handed Solution: The Cage redefines convenience by enabling single-handed dispensing of Big Wipes. This innovative design ensures that wipes are within easy reach, facilitating seamless cleaning during the messiest of tasks.
  • Streamlining Work: The Cage’s impact on efficiency cannot be overstated. With wipes readily accessible, professionals like James West Welding can streamline their workflow, ensuring that cleanliness is integrated seamlessly into their work routine.


In the realm of manufacturing and fabrication, where precision and mess converge, Big Wipes and The Cage emerge as champions of efficiency and cleanliness. James West Welding’s experience showcases the undeniable impact of this dynamic duo, turning arduous cleanup into a simple, productive endeavor. As you navigate your own manufacturing and fabrication challenges, take a cue from James West Welding. Equip yourself with the transformative capabilities of Big Wipes and The Cage, allowing them to be your trusted allies in maintaining a clean, efficient, and health-conscious workspace. With Big Wipes and The Cage by your side, the manufacturing and fabrication journey becomes not just a story of innovation, but a testament to your dedication to excellence.